Investment Philosophy

The funds managed by Seeds International Asset Management (S) Pte. Ltd aims to achieve absolute returns for its investors.

The Seeds Development Fund endeavours to deliver investment returns mainly through active asset allocation and stock selection. The Fund will adopt a combination of macro markets analysis for asset allocation, and fundamental approach stock selection. Macro analysis includes study of macro economics and geo-politics factors, macro market indicators including economic conditions, interest rates, foreign currency exchange rates and others. Fundamental stock selection will focus on listed companies which are able to generate higher earnings, cash flows and dividends and where the downside risks are acceptable based upon Manager assessment. Factors such as the business model, management resources, industry cycle, competitive positioning, volatility of key value drivers and stock valuations will be taken into account when assessing investment opportunities. The Seeds Development Fund will have a concentrated portfolio of typically not more than 60 stocks.

The Fund will invest in global equities and bonds to gain investment returns via capital gains and investment income. Hedging strategies will be employed to lower portfolio downside volatility and decrease drawdown risks. Investment instruments will include company stocks, bonds, REIT, ETF, and derivative instruments such as CFD, options and futures. Currency hedges may be employed mainly to hedge against currency risks where necessary. The investment strategy will include some leverage through the use of derivative instruments and short positions in equity trades.